Our New Vision

To our wonderful clients and community:

As of April 23rd, we are fully booked until our closure date of May 9th. We are not accepting any further bookings at this time. If you would like to be put on a waitlist in case of cancellations, please email us.

On May 9th, 2021—nearly 14 years after I cleaned my very first customer’s house—Student Maid will become Student Made, a company dedicated solely to developing the next generation of leaders. What this means is that starting May 9th, we will no longer be a cleaning company. Instead, we will be focusing on the work that has long been central to who we are and the difference we want to make in this world.

We are creating a transition plan and exploring options for transferring your service to another company or individual(s) whom we trust to do an outstanding job so that you will continue to have cleaning services after May 9th without skipping a beat. We have not ruled out the option of having our students clean independently for you after May 9th, but we do have some concerns related to liability and the sustainability of that plan. We have discussed this openly as a team, and for the time being, we ask that you not make arrangements with our students for after May 9th. We would like time to explore all of the options and come up with the best plan that takes care of everyone.

We ask for your continued support between now and May 9th so that we can continue to take care of our hardworking students and so that we have a solid foundation for our transition to Student Made in the midst of this pandemic. 

I know this is big news, and our new vision may be surprising to you. I’d like to tell you more about our decision to reinvent our company and how we got here:

I never intended to start a cleaning company. I cleaned my first house in 2007 at the age of 19 because I fell in love with a pair of jeans I couldn’t afford. Back then, my plan was to move to New York and work on Wall Street, but as I continued to clean homes and I started hiring people to help me, I became obsessed with leadership. I realized that all I wanted to do was learn how to become a leader and help others do the same. As Student Maid grew, leadership development only became a bigger part of my focus—so much so that it became our purpose as a company. 

Today, we know that you know we are so much more than a cleaning company. Though we love and appreciate you, our wonderful clients, the reason we exist is to develop and invest in the students who work with us, whom we see as the future leaders of our world. We teach our students tools for giving effective feedback, building meaningful relationships, using their biggest natural strengths, and so much more, so that by the time they leave us, they are better prepared to lead and thrive in their future careers and endeavors. We have long dreamed about being able to have an impact on future leaders at a greater scale, but we didn’t quite know what that looked like—until now.

2020 gave us a lot of clarity, and maybe the same is true in your life. We aren’t reinventing our business because of COVID, but the pandemic has given us a chance to think about the difference we really want to make in this world. Without question, we want to impact thousands of students, and we want to put our energy into what we are most passionate about. That is what led to our vision for Student Made.

Student Made will be a virtual education program where students all over the world can learn what our local students have had the chance to learn as Student Maid cleaners over the last 14 years. Our classes will be taught live, will be student-led, and our alumni will be class instructors, hence the name Student Made: students leading students. Our goal is to enroll 2,021 students in 2021. Parents will be able to enroll their children, students will be able to enroll themselves, and we will partner with schools, corporations, and individuals who care about developing future leaders to obtain sponsorships so that we can enroll students in underserved communities.

As for our current team of student cleaners, they will all have the opportunity to be involved in Student Made as participants, and some may become instructors or part of the  behind-the-scenes team. There is still a lot to figure out, but we know we will keep every person paid and employed throughout our transition because taking care of our people has always been and will always be our #1 priority. For anyone who is not able to come with us after May 9th, we will help them with their next steps. No matter what, we will not leave anyone behind.

If you are interested in learning more about Student Made and our decision to reinvent our company, I invite you to read the latest post on my blog by clicking here. I will continue to write about this process as we go through it, and if you would like to follow along, please consider subscribing so that the posts get delivered to your inbox every week. You can do that here. In addition to that, our leadership team and I host a weekly LIVE show every Wednesday at 11 a.m. ET, where we’ll be sharing about our transformation journey. (All you have to do is register once—using this link—and you’ll get the Zoom URL to join us every week.)

Mostly, I want to thank you. We love you, and the thought of our transformation is bittersweet because when that time comes, we will miss you so much. You have been such a huge part of our journey, and you have made this reinvention possible. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support as we go after our dreams.

If you have any questions, we welcome you to contact us by phone or email. We are always here for you and we so appreciate you being here for us and supporting us every step of the way.


Kristen and the Student Maid team