COVID-19 response

Student Maid + COVID-19

We have implemented new safety measures to we can continue to clean and can do it as safely as possible for both our team members and for you. Some things we have implemented to ensure a safer environment include: 

  • We have taken microbial training from the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association (ISSA) and are certified on new procedures related to COVID-19. All team members have gone through training and have passed a test on our new sanitizing and disinfecting procedures.
  • We have acquired additional PPE to reduce risk to you and our team members including gloves, shoe covers, and face masks.
  • We have implemented increased sanitation measures on our own equipment to ensure we aren’t spreading germs from home to home. If you would like us to use your own equipment we are happy to do so, just let us know.
  • We have are utilized a hospital grade disinfectant that has a virucidal time of 30 seconds
  • All team members will be masked during the appointment, we ask that you are masked or contain yourself in one area of your home during our visit
  • All team members fill out a health screening questionnaire and temperature check before each shift

Our ask is that we honor social distance (6+ feet) with the ideal situation being that you aren’t present in your home while our team members clean. If you are unable to leave your home while we clean, we certainly understand. We ask that you refrain from being in the same room as our team members so that we can be extra proactive. Perhaps there is a room in your home that we don’t clean for the time being if you’d like to stay at home. We are happy to work with you to find the best solution!

If you’d like to remain on pause with our services, that’s A-okay. Just let us know, and we will be here when you are ready to resume!

We are so excited to come back and serve you. Our students have missed you more than words can say, and we have too!

The Student Maid Team

Student Maid has been such an amazing company to work at for the last five years. It is an incredibly positive place where you can be yourself, make friends, learn all about who you are as a person, and always feel valued. This virus has impacted us in so many ways, but one that I feel worth mentioning is it has separated us from clients who truly need us and who we really care about. Some of our clients are elderly and cannot clean for themselves. Some do not get out to socialize much and love getting visited by their cleaning team. I have clients that I have seen every other week for years that now I haven’t seen in two months. That is something that I think many members of our team are struggling with.

Alayna, 24 | Team member since 2015
Historic Preservation
Master’s degree

The Student Maid experience, genuinely, has morphed me into such a better person. I’ve learned new cleaning skills, various work skills, and life skills to take me into my future endeavors, regardless of what they may be. With the combination of work as well as the community Student Maid has, I’ve learned so much about the real world while having the most true-hearted people by my side to get me there. As a cleaning company, our business thrives on other businesses, meaning that we are totally out of cleaning work for a good amount of time. Not only are most of us as workers affected, but numerous loyal clients who booked us for regular cleanings or for a source of interaction are left empty-handed. The support from these clients received over the past couple of weeks through emails of encouragement have helped us, as a community, start to recover from this blow. However, if it weren’t for the countless hours of work our leadership team invested and continues to invest in us, us cleaners would be hopelessly looking for something to keep us afloat.

Aurora, 18 | Team member since 2019
Wildlife Ecology & Conservation
Associate’s degree

As soon as I joined the Student Maid team, I instantly felt right at home. It was as if I had been a part of the team for years, and that is a kind of connection I had never experienced at a job before. Some of my closest friends are my coworkers. I have gained so many things from my time at Student Maid. I’ve learned how to come up with my own solutions for problems, and I’ve learned how to communicate with people of all different personalities and learning styles. As the Training Ambassador for Student Maid, I have learned how to excel in teaching new team members as well as in giving critical feedback in a healthy and encouraging way. I have already learned so many valuable leadership skills from Student Maid. The work environment is like no other. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to stop cleaning; however, it doesn’t stop us from keeping the culture. In a time of such uncertainty, the Student Maid team has managed to still stick together and keep the spirits high. I would not have expected anything less. This team is so special to me, and I know we will be able to come back stronger from this.

Taylor, 22 | Team member since 2019
Religion and Cultural Studies
Bachelor’s degree