Why Feedback Matters

Why Feedback Matters

At Student Maid, we equip our team members with important soft skills that will help them later in life. One of those skills is learning how to give and receive feedback.

Your feedback as a customer–good and bad–helps our team members grow. Giving us a clear, honest, specific account of the job they did helps them understand where to improve or what to keep doing well.

When they’re not cleaning, our team members practice giving effective feedback by using a simple but powerful tool we teach them called the FBI statement (FBI stands for feeling, behavior, impact). The cool part: It works for positive feedback too!

Here are a couple examples of using the FBI:

Critical feedback:
“I felt disappointed when you were 30 minutes late to the appointment today. The impact is that I was late to a meeting because I had to wait for you to arrive, and now, I don’t know if I can rely on Student Maid.”

Positive feedback:
“I felt relieved when I got home after you cleaned today and noticed you had picked up all the plants near my front door and vacuumed underneath them. The impact is that now, instead of doing that chore tonight, I can spend more time with my children.”

Phrasing feedback in this way inspires people to change their behavior because they know exactly what they did wrong (or right!) and how they should fix it (or do it again).

Want to give it a try? Feel free to give us an FBI in the free-response portion of your survey!

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