Want a Job?

Student Maid is a residential and commercial cleaning service that has providing cleaning services in Gainesville for the last 14 years.

In May, we will be transitioning to become Student Made, and will be leaving cleaning to focus solely on leadership development. As a result we have an amazing partner who will be taking over our cleaning clients in May.

They are looking for wonderful people to join their team, and so we are helping them connect with amazing potential team members like YOU!

Here is a quick down of what they are offering:
•The average hourly rate is $12-$17+/hour and they are also looking for an assistant manager to help on Saturdays, and that person would earn more
•They are able to work around schedules and are open Monday-Friday. They would also like to open on Saturdays assuming that people are interested in working Saturdays, as some of our clients prefer Saturdays
•You could work a few hours or a lot of hours, it’s up to you!
•This job is open to students and non-students alike! Every person is welcome to apply

If you are interested, we are happy to connect you to the owner of the company to set up an interview. His name is Curt and the company is called 2 Maids & A Mop. They are wonderful and we’d love nothing more than to support them and help support you!

Please send us an email at contact@studentmaid.com if you are interested in applying for a position, and we are happy to connect you to Curt directly. Alternatively you can apply directly on their website here and put Student Maid in the “referred by” section.