Want a Job?

Want a job?

A job with Student Maid isn’t just a job. It’s an investment in your future.

At Student Maid, we believe in creating an environment that empowers you to try so you can transcend your limits. We use an everyday job to teach you how to problem-solve, gain confidence in your decision-making and create an exceptional experience for our clients. We want to give you the opportunity to develop skills you can’t learn in a classroom that are critical to your success in life. Our goal is for you to leave our doors a better leader than when you walked in.

We are looking for dedicated people who are team players, who are enthusiastic about learning and personal growth, and who aren’t afraid of working hard. Obviously, you’ll learn how to scrub better than Mr. Clean and bust dust like nobody’s business. But during your time with us, we will also help you learn how to:

  • Build stronger interpersonal relationships
  • Better communicate and accept feedback
  • Be confident in your abilities and strengths
  • Think independently
  • Learn how to give meaningful recognition
  • And more!

How we roll

We don’t settle for the bare minimum; we push ourselves and each other to become the best versions of ourselves in and outside of work. We strongly believe this can only happen if we work together as a team. We strive to provide our clients with the best service possible, but when we mess up, not only do we go back and fix our mistakes with smiles on our faces, but we also make a plan to be successful the next time around. We set the bar high and work together to achieve our goals.

If you want to earn a paycheck while also being a part of a culture that encourages personal growth, this IS the place for you!

What you get

$11.35/hour for cleaning and concierge (pet-sitting, house-sitting, organizing, laundry, etc.)

Mileage reimbursement + opportunity to earn tips

Application questions

Ready to get started?

Want a Job?

Interested in joining the Student Maid™ team? We are always looking for people who are passionate about learning and personal growth. If you enjoy a work environment that's open, collaborative, empowering, challenging, and fun, you might be a great fit for Student Maid™! Click here to apply for a position and sign up for an Information Session to learn more about who we are and what the Student Maid experience can do for you. We can’t wait to meet you!

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