Q: Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. Student Maid™ is licensed, insured, bonded, and can provide proof of workers’ compensation and liability insurance if necessary.

Q: Are your employees background-checked?


Q: Do you bring all the necessary supplies?

Yes. When it comes to cleaning, we bring everything needed to do the job. We provide all of our own cleaning supplies, chemicals, equipment, and vacuums. However, we can use your products and equipment if you prefer. In that case, we ask that you leave out the supplies/equipment for the team with instructions for proper use. For more details or questions on the specific products we use, please contact us by phone at (352)-672-0038.

Q: Do you send the same team every time?

We do our best to send the same team members each and every time, but it’s not always possible due to class schedules, exams, extracurriculars, and other scheduling conflicts. However, we keep detailed notes about your preferences, which helps ensure you’ll have a consistently great experience! You are more than welcome to request specific team members and we will do our very best to accommodate.

Q: Is it customary to tip?

Tipping is completely optional, but it’s highly encouraged for a job well done. Our team members greatly appreciate the extra recognition! Gratuity can be given to the team in cash or it can be added to your check or credit card payment.

Q: What areas do you service?

We service the greater Gainesville area, which can include Alachua, Newberry, High Springs, Micanopy, Archer, and Fort White. We have a trip fee associated with each service. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Do you offer green cleaning?

If you prefer green products, we ask that you provide them. Our products are generally mild, but they are not necessary toxin-free. We use bleach only upon request.

Q: How do I pay?

We accept payment in cash, check, Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Regardless of your preferred payment method, we require that you provide a credit card number to secure your appointment.

If you would like to pay for your cleaning with cash or check, you will simply leave the payment in a designated place in your home or give it directly to the cleaning team. Our team members do not process credit/debit cards on site. For your security, all credit/debit card payments are handled through our office.

Q: What happens if I am not happy with the cleaning job?

After our team members perform a service, clients must reach out to Student Maid within 24 hours to discuss any concerns regarding the service, especially if a touch-up or full/partial refund is requested.

Q: How do I get started?

Click here to get to our online booking portal, where you can schedule an appointment within minutes! Or, if you prefer, you can email us at contact@studentmaid.com and someone from Student Maid™ will get in touch with you as soon as possible. For urgent requests, call 352-672-0038.

Q: What should I do before the cleaning team arrives?

Before the crew arrives, we ask that you pick up personal items and clear away as much clutter as possible so that our crews can spend more time and energy on cleaning. If you would prefer that we clear away the clutter, that’s fine! Just keep in mind that it may add to the amount of time the team will need to spend on your cleaning.

Q: Do I have to be home during my cleaning?

Nope! You can choose to be home to let the team in and then come back toward the end of the cleaning, stay during the entire cleaning, or leave a key and not come home at all. It’s totally up to you and what you are comfortable with!

Q: Because you are students, are you still available suring holidays and summer break?

Yes! We work year-round and are only officially closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Q: Do you clean desks and computers or straighten papers?

That is up to you. We understand that your work may be sensitive, so we do not touch desks or papers unless requested, but we do lightly dust computer screens.

Need something not listed?

Hope we’ve answered all of your questions! You can also view our complete Terms and Conditions here. Get in touch if there is anything else you need. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our services and we hope to serve you in the near future!