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Student Maid is a locally owned cleaning and concierge service dedicated to empowering the rising generation of leaders.

When you hire Student Maid, you are investing in opportunities for local students to learn and grow. As our team members learn how to provide exceptional service to our customers, they also learn how to give and receive effective feedback, build meaningful relationships, and apply their unique strengths in their future careers⸺skills that they can take with them after they move on from our company. Our goal is to empower them to approach their futures with confidence in themselves and in their leadership abilities.

While our team members always strive to provide the best possible service, we know that sometimes, their performance may fall short of our customers' expectations. If that happens, we promise that no matter what, we will make it right. A large part of helping our team members learn and grow as people and as leaders is giving them opportunities to recover from their mistakes. We ask that our customers join us in the learning process by providing honest, detailed feedback after their services so that we know how we can be better.

Student Maid is licensed, insured, and bonded, and our team members are thoroughly trained and background-checked.

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Small Business of the Year 2020

“Student Maid provides a great service at a fair price, and best of all is always courteous and easy to get in touch with. Scheduling has been a breeze. I would recommend them to friends and neighbors without hesitation.” — James Blythe

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