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Student Maid™ offers so much more than just cleaning services. Just think of us as your personal concierge! Need someone to walk your dog while you’re at work? No sweat—we can do that. Searching for a trustworthy house sitter? Not a problem. We’ve got you covered. Want someone to pick up your dry cleaning or go grocery shopping for you? Give us call. We can handle virtually any errand, no matter how large or small. Here are some of the exclusive concierge services we offer:

House Sitting

Before you hit the road or jet off to your next vacation destination, call Student Maid™! Whether you’re on an important business trip or a tropical vacation, the last thing you need to worry about is your home. Your place is safe in our hands! Student Maid™ can get the mail, water the plants and make sure everything is in tip top shape before your return. We can even grocery shop and stock the fridge before you return. Contact us for more info.

Pet Sitting

Need someone to take care of Spot and Fluffy while you’re out of town? Look no further than Student Maid™! We can check on your pets several times a day, feed them, take them for walks, give them a good brushing and even clean out Kitty’s litter box. We can also stay overnight to keep your pets company upon request. Contact us for more info.

Dog Walking

You’re working overtime again, and Spot is getting restless. It’s Student Maid™ to the rescue! Our pet-loving students are happy to stop by and take your furry friend for a walk. Whether you need us to stop by daily or just on certain days, we can customize a schedule that makes your life easier—and keeps your pup’s tail wagging! Contact us for more info.


You know you have a crock pot in your kitchen—somewhere. And what ever happened to that great red dress? Sounds like you need to get organized. Whether it’s a cluttered closet, disorganized kitchen cabinets or a frighteningly messy garage, leave it to us! Our crews can rearrange and organize even the most disorderly spaces. We’ll send as many students as it takes to get the job done. Contact us for more info.

Party Preparation & Cleanup

Let’s get this party started! But before you roll out the red carpet for your guests, give Student Maid™ a ring. Our superstar students can decorate, clean, run errands, fill party favor bags, set out food and beverages, park cars for your guests…anything it takes to make your event spectacular! We can even stick around and lend a hand throughout the party if needed. To top it off, our crew can tackle the dreaded post-party clean up. After all, you’ll be exhausted from all that partying. Let us do the dirty work! We’ll send as many students as you need to handle all of your party needs. Contact us for more info.


The dirty laundry pile has grown to epic proportions, and you’re too busy to tackle it. Give Student Maid™ a call! Whether you’d like us to take care of the laundry while we clean your house or you need a regular laundry service, we’ve got you covered. We can do the laundry in your home or pick it up and bring the clean clothes back to you! Laundry pricing varies depending on your unique needs. Contact us for more info.

Errand Service

Are you running errands or are they running you? If you’re tired of spending all your free time handling humdrum tasks and chores, Student Maid™ can help! Whether you require a personal assistant for the day or just need someone to mail a package, we’ve got your back. Simplify your life with our extraordinary errand service. Contact us for more info.

Holiday Decorating & Takedown

Are you ready to deck the halls but just don’t have the time? Get in the holiday spirit with Student Maid™! Whether you need us to set up and decorate the Christmas tree, hang garland or put up Christmas lights, we’ll do whatever it takes to get you ready for the season. After the holidays have come and gone, we can handle all the decoration dismantling, including taking down the tree ornaments and packing them carefully away. You’ll be so impressed with our holiday services, you’ll be singing, “Joy to the world!” Contact us for more info.


We were voted Leading Women’s Enterprise in both 2010 and 2011 by the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce. You're in good hands with Gainesville’s favorite cleaning service!

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